Android Phone Not Connect To Wifi Problem Fix

Android Phone Not Connect To Wifi Problem Fix

Before October 2003  term “smartphone” was used by most of the people and Apple has launched iPhone with its iOS, four men Rich Miner, Nick Sear, Chris White, and Andy Rubin laid the foundations of Android Inc. They said that they were going to develop ” smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences”

And we have seen that this technology has advanced so much that a simple device that was meant to communicate is taking over all the activities of the human race. These small devices have taken over PCs and Computers. Android OS is very simple, convenient, conducive, useable, and user-friendly

Although Android is a very easy and conveniently used OS but sometimes, issues like wifi connectivity can occur. If you have an active wifi connection but have no internet then there may be a problem with your android OS, hardware or some other issue. It is very difficult to find a single solution as there may be more than one problem and more than one solution. Some of the possible ways/tips to resolve this issue are given below:

Solution # 1. Turn Wi-Fi Off And On By Toggle Button

Go to settings app or slide down or up as per your android version and find the WIFI icon. Toggle it from On to Off. After a few seconds turn the WIFI On and see if the phone is connected to the wifi and have internet connectivity.

Solution # 2. Turn Airplane Mode Off And On

Go to settings app or slide down or up as per your android version and find the Airplane Mode. Turn the Airplane mode On and after a few seconds turn it off again and see if the wifi connectivity and internet issue is solved or not.

Solution # 3. Turn Bluetooth On And Off

Although there is no connection between internet/wifi and Bluetooth yet sometimes it can cause an issue. So, turn Bluetooth on and off once to see if the internet/wi-fi connectivity problem is solved.

Solution # 4. Switch Off Power Saving Mode

If you have low battery/power and your android is set to the power-saving mode in case of low power time. It can cause refusal to internet/wi-fi connectivity as it consumes much power. So, turning power-saving mode cause restore android to wifi/internet connection.

Solution # 5. Turn Off Smart Network Switch

If you have chosen smart network switching then it can cause problems connecting to a network. This feature enables your android phone to switch between networks if there is any problem with your desired network. So, turn OFF Smart Network Switch to check if the issue of internet connectivity is resolved.

You Can Switch Off The Smart Network Switch By The Following Way.

 # 1. Go to Settings, and select the Wi-Fi tab.

# 2. Tap on More on the top right of the phone.

# 3. A new box will pop up on the screen about Smart Network Switch.

# 4. Set this option as OFF to stop using the Smart Network Switch.

Solution # 6. All Wifi Network Should Be Forgetted Can Solve The Issue

Forget all the connected networks once and reconnect the desired network. You can forget/leave the wifi networks like this.

#1. Go to android phone settings.

#2. Find Wi-Fi and Select it.

#3 All the networks you have connected will be shown, select all the networks one by one, hit them and select forget to leave the networks.

Solution # 7. Restart Internet Modem

Sometimes restarting the modem is known to solve the internet connectivity problem. So, power off the modem once and after a few seconds turn it On and see if the internet connectivity issue is resolved.

These were the possible issues regarding the question, why won’t my android phone not connect to wifi?. There may be other issues with your network or modem. Even after trying all the above-mentioned ways to resolve the issue, you should contact your internet service provider to check if there is any problem with the Line of Internet Service Providing Company or you may go to an android expert to see if there is a hardware problem with your android mobile.

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