How To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet On Mac

How To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet On Mac

Although devices with MAC operating system are super fast, well designed and easy to use. They usually cause no or fewer problems with their software/hardware, yet some issues can occur as these are the machines only. Before proceeding to internet/wi-fi connectivity problem in your MAC. Some of the initial and precautionary steps to evaluate the actual problem with your device is necessary. So before assuming anything before time check and verify these things first.

Is The Problem/Issue With More Than One Wifi Devices.?

The first step in evaluating the cause of no internet connectivity is to check if the problem is with one device or more than one. As if, there is a problem with your router/internet device then it will cause issues with more than one device, if not then it will be clear that the problem is with the MAC device and not with your network/modem/router.

Moreover, if you have only one device then you can find another device to test

Check If Your Software Is Up To Date

Regularly check the firmware installed if any update is needed update it immediately. As update normally solve the issues of the older versions of the software.

Also, check if your internet modem/router needs any up-gradation. You can check online if Apple Wifi base station firmware needs up-gradation or updates.

Check If Wires Or Cables Are Properly Installed Not Broken

Loose or broken cables can also cause internet issues. Diagnose your complete network if any cable/wire is broken or damaged. Always check that Ethernet and power cables in your network are properly installed and there is no fault with them.

 Verify Recommended Settings

It is always helpful to check the recommended settings for wifi on your device before going into internet-related issues.

Restarting Network Devices.

Sometimes restarting the devices like router, modems, cell phones, pcs or laptops cause restore the internet connectivity. Powering off internet modem alone for a few seconds and then powering on is known to solve the internet related issues. Due to a sudden change in electricity voltages or disconnection of wires/cables or some faults in ISP networks, internet service is temporarily closed and modems or routers fail to reconnect and restarting them restores the connection automatically.

Even after trying all the tips given above, you fail to solve the internet connectivity issues with your MAC then there is a complete guide to solve these issues. Follow these simple steps

Wifi Connected But No Internet Mac

if you are connected to wifi it doesn’t mean that you will have internet access. As the wifi connects you to the internet modem while modem connects you to the ISP which is the source of internet.

So if you have access to the internet modem, means you are connected to wifi but your mac doesn’t have internet access then you should follow these simple procedures to solve this issue.

1. Forget And Reconnect To Your Network

Note: don’t try this method if you don’t have wifi password, as forgetting a network will erase its password too and you will have to re-enter it.

So forget the network and connect to it again after entering the wifi password. It is always a good trick to get access to the internet. How to forget a network on MAC? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Network.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi in the sidebar, then  In the bottom right.
  3. Select your Wi-Fi network in the list and delete it using this (–) 
  4. Click OK, then Apply.
  5. Now reconnect to your Wi-Fi connection and enter your Wi-Fi password.

2. Check If Date, Time And Location On Your MAC Are Correct

Date, time and location settings are very important in getting into internet connection as the ISP don’t give permission to access websites until you adjust these things. Normally date, time and location are automatically set. If you see the wrong date, time and location them adjust them by this way.

  1. Go to System Preferences > Date & Time.
  2. Click Time Zone and check the box to Set time zone automatically.

For the wrong location:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy.
  2. Location Services in the sidebar.
  3. Check the box to Enable Location Services.

3. Update macOS

If you get connected to the internet after restarting your router or MacBook. Then check for firmware updates as after some time you may get into this trouble again. For checking updates go to these settings.

  1. Go to System PreferencesSoftware Updates.
  2. A message will be shown for a while “looking for new updates”.
  3. Download and install any updates if available.

4. Unplug All Your USB Accessories

Always use USB devices and other accessories having strong shielding. Unshielded device interferes with wifi and internet connection and causes problem while connecting to the internet. Unplug all these devices and plug them again, it can restore your connection.

5. Running Wireless Diagnosis On MAC

macOS has a built-in wireless diagnostic system. Running wireless diagnosis can point you out the real problem/issue with your device or internet. To run this utility follow these steps:

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar.
  2. Select Open Wireless Diagnostics
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete this process automatically.

If you fail to get sufficient information about this issue, you can also contact to the online diagnostic system.

MacBook Pro Wifi No Hardware Installed Erro

when you leave your MacBook idle it goes to sleep mode. After waking it from sleep mode, you can experience a wifi error of this type “no wifi hardware installed”. This is because sometimes after going to sleep mode some files from the track are corrupted which control the preference of sleep mode and your device makes the WIFI OFF after sleeping and fails to restore it after awaking. Luckily this is not a big deal to resolve this issue. You can fix it very easily by resetting the System Management Controller (SMC.

What Is The System Management Controller?

The SMC controls power management, battery charging, video switching, sleep, and wake mode, LED indicators, keyboard backlighting, and a couple of other things.

When the system goes to sleep mode SMS decides which devices will work and which will not work or go to sleep. In this process, sometimes, SMC thinks that WIFI should go to sleep means it should stop working as it will consume more power and battery will get down. Even after getting full battery life SMS doest not set the wifi ON and it causes this error that no hardware installed. So, resetting SMS can easily fix this issue. The procedure is very easy..

How To Reset The System Management Controller (SMC) For Fixing WIFI Issue

Almost all Apple devices have a removable battery. For these devices resetting System Management Controller is very easy. The process for newer, older, mini, pro and iMac is slightly different for each. I have given all the procedures for each device separately.

For Newer Macbooks

  1. Plug the charger of your machine to the power source..
  2. Press and hold these keys at once: Control + Shift + Option + Power
  3. Release the keys
  4. The machine will shut down, power it on.

This will fix the problem as it fixed the issue for us.

For Older Macbooks

  1. Shut your machine down
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds
  4. Put the battery back in and power it on.

For Mac Mini, Pro, Or Imac

For these devices, the process is very easy.

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug from a power source
  2. Wait for a couple of seconds
  3. Plug it back in power source and turn on.

I have tried to cover all the aspects of the above-given issue. If you have question/query feel free to comment below or contact us through the mail.


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