Best Wayback Machine Alternatives in 2019

Imagine a scenario in which you are looking forward to launching a new website and want to get the in

-depth details of the successful sites in areas like its layout, graphics, content, developmental and marketable strategy to ensure your long-lasting success. If you are actually looking forward to launching your own website and desires to make it your biggest accomplishment, then, you are on the right page.

In this post, we are going to list the ten Wayback Machine alternatives in 2019 aiming to help you in the archiving process of your website.


When we think about the best way back machine alternative, the first alternative that comes to our mind is It is used by a lot of internet users and gaining exceptional popularity. It is all because it allows you to get the most of the historical details of a website. Its hallmark feature is that you can also save its snapshot. Therefore, you can have access to graphical data and content of any website. When you view the, you will see two boxes, one of blue color and other is of red color. The red-colored box allows you to save graphical content of your desired website. Whereas, the blue one will enable you to have access to the snapshot of your desired webpage or site.

  1. Domain Tools

Domain tools

Domain tools is one of the most used whois info databases. This is the website containing data of thousands of sites, including their IP address, registration dates, contact, and hosting details. Users usually use it to get access of ownership and registration details; however, there is an essential feature in it to get the domain age details. You have to paste the URL of your desired website in the search box, and you will view the website data. You can also snapshot all the details of the website from the sidebar located at the right.

Hence, this website has giant data of thousands of websites as compared to other whois info service providers.

  1. Screenshots


Screenshots is one of the top Wayback machine alternatives. Containing 300+ million crawled pages, this website is very close to the Wayback machine, which has 347+ billion webpages. Screenshots is the only site which is this close to Wayback Machine. This website helps you to get the history and other significant details of any website by providing you screenshots. You can also look closer to the screenshots by zooming in them. The screenshots appear with its details like date, at the bottom. Moreover, this website has giant data of internet. Having the giant data is the reason why is among the top alternatives to Wayback Machine.

  1. Pagefreezer


Pagefreezer is another the best archive website. The archiving of this website is automatic and hence ease the archiving process of your website. The website uses similar crawling technology to is the best online asset for you if you want to archive information for marketing or business expansion purposes. The key features of this site include legal evidence, digital signature, live browsing, and web comparisons.

Moreover, there is no skillset and software installation required to use this website. This website makes it easy for you to begin archiving the data and content within a limited period. Most importantly, it secures your site data without losing anything.

  1. iTools


iTools is another reliable, Wayback alternative tool. This dependable tool allows you to view the ranking, analysis, and popularity of your website and the competitor’s website. By using this tool, you can check the daily traffic, ranking, and contact information of your desired website. Therefore, it allows you to get the complete information picture of any website. You will not have access to archive tool on the homepage of this site. However, the archiving tool can be viewed by tapping the “internet” section on the home page and click the “websites” option to view the archive tool. You can type the domain name of the website in the search box you want to get the details of.

  1. Alexa


Alexa is the most common among the users and is well-reputed. This is an Amazon company which allows you to know the previous details of any website. This tool helps you to see the browsing and domain history of any website. You can also get to view the ranking, past, and current traffic of any website with the details like from where it was visited and what was the duration of every visit on the webpage. To view all the details, you just need to paste the URL of the website you want to get details of.

  1. YubNub


Similar to internet archive website, YubNub is another amazing archive tool that can provide you all the data relevant to business and commercial. It is easy to use and functions like search engines. You just need to enter or paste the URL of the website on the search tab of the home page. Then, click on “search,” then you will be taken to an information page without any delay. Hence, it is easy to use tool which allows you to get all the browsing, ranking, traffic, and contact details of any website. It’s easy to use interface makes it among the top Wayback alternative.

  1. CompetitorScreenshots

CompetitorScreenshots is another dependable tool in the list of Wayback alternatives. To view the details of any website, you need to get register to it. Once you get registered, you will immediately get access of website details. Using this tool can be a great marketable strategy. It can help you to know the ranking, email campaigns, social media strategies, and traffic details of any website. This website only gives the data of the past 60 days. However, if you want to get the details of more than 60 days, you will be obliged to pay $120 a month.

  1. URLinfo by Fagan Finder

URLinfo by Fagan Finder

This is a free tool which is considered as a website studying tool. This website contains 113 tools that offer you the detailed statistics of any website ranging from domain age, traffic, ranking to archive details. To access your required details, you just have to paste the URL of your desired website and then click on the “view page” tab. Then, you can have various options to see the details that comes within that option.

Hence, this free tool provides you a lot of details with a user-friendly interface and comes in the list of best Wayback Machine alternative.

  1. WHOIS

WHOIS is not actually the web archive site; however; it serves the features that help you to get the history of any website. These tools enable you to gain the ownership, registration, and domain age details of any website. You can also get access to the archived version of the website. This tool allows you to get access of services without paying and registering to it.


Indeed, Wayback Machine is the top archive website ever. However, if Wayback ever slows down and is not helping you to get the details you want, there are many Wayback Machine alternatives with identical features and additional functions than Wayback Machine. Therefore, you need to know the Wayback machine alternatives. So that you can try them whenever you want information that is not accessible on the Wayback machine for the time being.

Hence, we have compiled the list of best Wayback Machine alternatives in 2019 and hope you find this list helpful. All these sites are best enough to get the details of your desired websites. However, we recommend you to refer to if you want to get the easiest way to know the details you are willing to know.

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