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If you are among those people whose work doesn’t allow them to leave their laptop and accessories at home during vacations. Then, you might know the hassle of carrying the laptop all the time. To avoid the hassle of carrying all the work stuff, you may keep your android tablet or iPad with you. However, you can’t leave your important files and documents or any file that can only be done on a desktop or a laptop. Another situation could be that you are sitting comfortably on the sofa and need to access documents from the PC in another room. This is exactly where remote desktop software comes in and provides you immense support.

Now a question may pop up in your mind, “what exactly is a remote desktop software?”

A remote desktop software enables you to get access of your computer no matter where you are via a stable internet connection. It is not similar to the private virtual network.

By using the remote desktop software, you can view your PC with the internet connection, transfer or exchange files and can also offer help to someone else remotely and many more.

Among the different remote desktop software’s, Team Viewer has widely used and most popular remote desktop software. TeamViewer is the free and most convenient remote desktop software out there and the go-to option for many people. However, there could be days and hours, when team viewer won’t work for you, and you will search for the team viewer alternatives. If you are one who is looking for the best TeamViewer alternatives, then you are going to love this post.

In this post, we are going to list the best team viewer alternatives for 2019 that will enable you to develop a secure remote desktop connection and get your essential resources accessible.

5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2019

  1. AnyDesk

If you have been into remote computing, you might have heard the name of AnyDesk remote desktop software. It is not only the commonly used remote desktop software, but it is also one of the best alternatives to team viewer.

You can access to AnyDesk by just downloading it in your device, or you can also try it by using it as a portable application. There is a free and a paid version of this software. If you are new to remote computing, you can use the free version of this software. However, if you are a remote expert worker and need all the feature, then you can go for the paid version of this software.

  • Allows you to have a stable connection in remote devices using the address of the device.
  • Can scan all documents remotely.
  • Having an inbuilt feature of chat.
  • Allows you to transfer files, record remote screen, syncing clipboards, session history, and supports remote printing.
  • Verify all the displays and file attached to a remote device.
  • Can connect and detectany other Anydesk machine.
  • Some of the features are not user-friendly
  • The interface of the software is not many users friendly.
  1. Windows Remote Desktop

Why would you search and look for free TeamViewer alternatives when you have your remote desktop software in your PC?  You have the remote desktop software in your PCs as well. It may sound unfamiliar to most of you because you have not an idea that window 10 and its older version has the inbuilt remote desktop software. Therefore, it is the most convenient way to access your files and documents over LAN.

Your PC uses Microsoft protocol of remote desktop to connect with other devices over the LAN and internet. However, many users have the window 10 edition, which doesn’t support the remote desktop software.

  • Present in your own PC.
  • Popular for its dependability.
  • Using TLS support allows you the secure internet connections.
  • Functions easily with your password and username.
  • As mentioned earlier, window 10edition support this.
  • Not easy to navigate features.
  1. VNC Connect

RealVNC is among the top competitors of TeamViewer specifically in terms of protection. This robust tool allows you to have your passwords and session on RealVNC encrypted. This software is developed by the Cambridge and provides you high-end features. The features include the viewer app and a server app. The server app downloaded on your PC you are managing and a viewer app accessed from the device where you have your resources saved. Both of these apps are easily accessible and doesn’t require any router set for configurations.

This tool has both free and paid versions. The free version is suitable for commercial use. However, the paid version is expensive for personal use, but many companies get access to the paid version to get access to various tablets, phones, and work devices.

  • Encrypted sessions and protected passwords.
  • Easily server and viewer app accessible.
  • Free version serves all the basic features like transactions of files.
  • The paid version is quite expensive for personal use.
  • The lack of web conferencing in this software.
  1. is as easy as organize the meeting for your enterprise. allows you to have an online meeting with the people around the world. Its best feature is the one-tap meeting schedule. This feature will enable you to connect people from all over the world at the same time on the same platform to discuss enterprise-level management. There are no restrictions on the variety of calls you make with people virtually. The cost of this software is reasonable enough.

  • The one-click meeting feature is worth it.
  • The premium package covers all the remote meetings at the same time.
  • Innovative management for enterprises.
  • Free of cost service for voice over IP.
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Only functions on macOS X and Windows.
  1. Splashtop

Splash top is another reputable name that has been on top TeamViewer alternatives. The software developed for over nine years and has gained a reliable name in the industry. This well-reputed software provides you an exceptional blend of latency and video quality over the remote internet connection.

If you have just begun the remote computing, then its free version is best for you. Its free version comes with a lot of features that serves best to beginners. This software is for you if you’re heading to link your host device over LAN.

  • Easy one-click a connection to the remote devices,
  • Support gestures of touchpad like zooming in and scrolling through a finger.
  • Verify the file transactions.
  • Provides high-end quality over a moderate speed of connections.
  • Features are extended on premium packages.
  • Two different apps are required to be download in both client and remote machine.
  • The user interface is not easy to use and appealing.


To help you go smoothly in remote computing, we have identified the best 5 TeamViewer alternatives. All these TeamViewer are with basic and high-end features that work best to mirror your PC remotely. We hope that this post helped you in gaining the detailed information of the best TeamViewer alternatives.

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