How To Take A Screenshot On Mac Complete Guide Step By Step

What is a screenshot? A screenshot, sometimes referred to screen grab or screen capture. It the digital image which captures the exact image which we are seeing on the computer screen. It is actually taking or
capturing the photo of the screen. Screenshot is a static image of a computer or mobile’s display
screen. It can be take whatever you want and where ever you want to share you can. Screenshot
is useful in many ways e.g its beneficial for keeping the reference later , it can be further share
with your friends and family as a picture , you can save it as well and much more.

How To Take Screenshots or Screen Capture of Your Device?

You don’t need particular software to take a image of the screen because screenshot facility is
available or present in all existing operating systems. There are some devices available that even
capture required portions of the display. It is quite simple but people face difficulty or confusion
due to lack of knowledge.

How To Take Screenshot On Your MAC?

  • If you have a desire to show others what is on your MAC screen then taking a photo of your
    screen is an easiest way and much suitable way to share.
  • There are some shortcut keys to capture the picture of your display screen on your MAC
  • For taking a screenshot on your MAC follow these simple steps

Taking A Screenshot Of The Entire Screen

Taking a Screenshot of the entire screen

  • If you want to take a screenshot for the entire screen then for this purpose
    click Command+Shift+3 simultaneously.
  • Your MAC will capture the full display and save it as a file on the desktop by default settings.
  • While capturing a screenshot you will hear the sound of brief camera.
    The screenshot will be saved on a desktop with time and date as a png file.

Taking The Screenshot Of The Specific Area:

Taking the Screenshot of the specific area

  •  If you want to click a photo of the particular area of your screen then you’ll use different
    key combination.
  • Press Command+Shift+4 together. It will change your cursor into crosshairs.
  • Then move it wherever you want to start the screenshot .
  • Press and drag your crosshair on the area , once you have selected it , release your mouse
    or your touch pad. You can also cancel the selection by pressing Esc key.

Taking The Screenshot Of A Windows.

Taking The Screenshot Of A Windows

  • If you want to take a screenshot of a specific window then you have to press Shift +
    Command + 4 together then press the Spacebar.
  • It will change the cursor into the camera but make sure that your camera must be on a
    window to highlight it.
  • Then click with your mouse or trackpad to capture it.
  • Your image will be saved on your desktop automatically.

Save Your Screenshot On Clipboard

Save your screenshot on Clipboard

  •  If you want to save your screenshot on your clipboard instead of your desktop, press and
    then hold the control key with the accompanying keys simultaneously
  • If the volume is up on your PC you will hear the sound of a camera snap to indicate the screen
    capture was taken.
  • Explore to where you would prefer to insert your screenshot. You may paste it into an email, or a
    PC folder.
  • You can further insert your image of screenshot into a text, document, message, e-mail or
    any other desired place or position.

So, I have discussed various ways of capturing screenshots on your MAC. Hope all the queries regarding taking screenshots are cleared, But if any query is left then comment

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