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How To Restore Android Phone Data From Google Backup

These days no one is ready to reinstall all his applications and settings on Android because they know that Restoring or backing up android devices is so easy, convenient, effortless, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Apps data and settings are backed up and restored automatically, while photos, videos, and other data formats can be stored in google drive or google photos manually. Here in this article, I will guide you through the complete process of how to backup and restore android phone data from google backup.

Before October 2003  term “smartphone” was used by most of the people and Apple has launched iPhone with its iOS, four men Rich Miner, Nick Sear, Chris White, and Andy Rubin laid the foundations of Android Inc. They said that they were going to develop ” smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences”

And we have seen that this technology has advanced so much that a simple device that was meant to communicate is taking over all the activities of the human race. These small devices have taken over the PCs and Computers. Android OS is very simple, convenient, conducive, useable, and user-friendly.

Step-1.How To Backup Android Phone Data On Google.

  • Photos and videos

Photos and videos are automatically backed up on google photos if you have chosen to back up.

  • Files and folders:

Files and folders are manually stored on google drive.

For backing up your data you should have to enable some settings which are shown below.

Go to Settings>Personal> Backup and reset, and check these two options Backup my data and Automatic restore.

Go to Settings>Personal> Accounts & Sync, and choose your Google account.

Check all the boxes to ensure that google account is synced.

Back Up Your Data To The Computer Manually

You can also backup your important data to your PC or Laptop. Follow the steps below

  1. Connect your mobile to the computer through USB cable and your mobile will be shown on the pc like an external drive.
  2. Chose the DCIM folder / your desired location, select the content you want to back up.
  3. Drag and drop the data where you want to save it on pc/laptop.

According to your android version and mobile models, these setting can be slightly different from brand to brand.

If you have the latest android version then you can search in settings by typing backup & reset and go directly to these settings to enable.

Note: you cannot restore data on a device having a lower version of Android than the device on which the data was backed up.

Back Up Additional Settings

The data other than which Google does not backup like MMS/SMS or messages or contacts, you can use third-party software to backup it. One of the best options is MyBackup Pro but it is a paid application if you can afford to buy it.

Tip: To Backup/Restore Android Data On Google Backup.

Always use a pin/password instead of a pattern or smart lock to secure your device and data.

After backing up your data you can proceed to erase or reset your device settings or even factory data reset.

Step-2.How To Restore Android Phone Data From Google Backup

Restoring your backed up data is very effortless. After resetting your device when the device asks for the google account just give the account on which you had backed up your data and the google will restore all apps data and settings to the last position.

Method-2 How To Backup And Restore Data On Google Photos.

Follow these simple steps:

Download and install google photos and open it.

Go to open the settings by clicking three parallel lines on the left upper side.


Select sync videos and photos toggle button.

To check whether your data is backed up or not open the photos app go to photos and see whether your data is there or not.

Now, wherever you are on which so ever device you will login with this google id you can access your data.

Method-3 How To Backup And Restore Android Data On Google Drive

Follow the simple steps below

Download and install google drive.

Create an ID or login with your Google ID.


Tap the plus(+) icon in the page shown and you will see the upload icon from which you can select the data, you want to upload.

Similarly, like google photos in google drive, you can access your data on all the devices on which you will login through the given email address.



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