Simple and Easy Steps to Lose Weight Without Exercise and Diet

Are you here to see how you lose weight without exercise then you are at the right place losing weight is straightforward but sticking to the same routine can be hard and irritating. As we often regain all the weight within just one year due to our body weight-regulating hormones, which tries to maintain our body weight.


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So… Is it possible to lose weight without regaining?

According to the studies and based on science you can lose weight devoid of diet and extracurricular activities. Therefore, YES!

  1. Use smaller Cutlery

Use smaller Cutlery

If you use smaller food plates then it will make you take a smaller portion of food. Hence, your intake of calories will reduce. However, you can use larger plates to eat healthy food such as chicken breast, fruits, and vegetables. This will help trick your brain into believing that you are consuming more food than you are.

  1. Increase the intake of protein in your food

Increase the intake of protein in your food

Protein plays a main role in effecting your appetite. As it makes you feel full so you crave less food the whole day and it helps you reduce calories. Protein has several effects on our body hormones such as ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and GLP-1.

Ghrelin is a key hormone in signaling your brain to crave, convincing it to eat more. The level of this hormone increases during a diet, causing you to feel hungry more often. Hence, you get intensify hunger, making hard for you to lose weight. Thus you regain weight once your diet is over.

The study was done on increasing intake of protein that showed a huge difference in weight and appetite level. For an instant, 10% more protein in your routine can decrease approximately 400 calories per day and 10 pounds over 3 months. Plus, there is no need to restrict any foods.

Now you know the advantage of eating more protein, so start eating breakfast rich in Protein instead of grain-based breakfast. This is because a study was done on obese and overweight women who switched from grains-based to protein breakfast. The study showed a reduction in calories for lunch and the next 36 days.

Protein foods with calories:

  • Broccoli (33%)
  • Milk (21%)
  • Oats (14%)
  • Chicken Breast (75%)
  • Almonds (15%)
  • Eggs (33%)
  • Greek yogurt (69%)
  • Lean Beef (53%)
  • Tuna (84%)
  • Lentils (31%)
  • Leeks (2%)
  • Asparagus (27%)
  • Pumpkin seeds (22%)
  1. Eat Slowly and Chew Completely

Eat Slowly and Chew Completely

Eating fast without chewing your food properly can affect your weight as studies have shown that quick eaters are more obese or overweight than a slower eater. This is because our brain needs time to process the food we are consuming. Eating slowly also makes you full quicker hence you eat less, so you take fewer calories.

Count your every bit, to help you chew for more time.

  1. Eat Viscous Fibre Foods

Eat Viscous Fibre Foods

This type of fiber is very effective for weight loss, as it boosts fullness and makes you eat less food. Eating soluble fiber mixes with water to form a gel which delays the process of digested food to the guts, causing you to lose belly fat. Also, viscous fiber prevents belly fat gain for the future. You can find this fiber mostly in plant foods that include; oats, beans, asparagus, flax seeds, and Brussels sprout. One of the vicious rich fibers is called glucomannan that is extracted from the roots of the elephant yam, known as konjac.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

Our body contains approximately 75% of water so we need lots of water for our body cells.

Water before your meal will make you eat less, thus it will decrease your calorie intake. A study was carried out on adults that demonstrated a huge difference in weight. For instance, drinking 500ml water 30 minutes before eating food will reduce 45% weight within 12 weeks.




Avoid sugary drinks such as soda. Sugary drinks are associated with many risky diseases that include diabetes, heart attack, and high blood pressure. Furthermore, the intake of sugary drinks is the simplest way to consume calories without affecting fullness.


  1. Fulfill your Sleep

Fulfill your SleepSleep and stress play a vital role in our health and the way hormones react in our bodies. If you are stressed then a hormone called cortisol will be prominent and lack of sleep will upset the hormone that regulates appetite such as ghrelin and leptin. Disturbance in hormones will increase your hunger and craving for unhealthy food. Thus, you are more prone to other diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity.



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