5 Effective Tips To Lose Fat in Your Face

It is very irritating and annoying if you are skinny but your face is way too fat. Are you stressed about your face fat? If yes then no worries as I will guide you through some basic way to control you face fat. Several strategies can be utilized to help you burn face fat quickly.

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Lose Fat in Your Face

Below are some simple and most effective ways to slim your face.

  1. Yoga For Your Face (Facial Exercise)

Yoga can improve your face fat as well as it slows down the signs of aging from your face. Some simple facial yoga includes:

  • Simha Mudra – you have to sit down at a comfortable place with your palm placed at the center of your thighs. Then take out your tongue completely, you might need to do that forcefully. Make a sound of roaring just like a lion while you are exhaling.

Simha Mudra

  • Fish Face – Are you a fan of a pout when taking selfies? If YES! Then you will fascinate to so this facial exercise. In this yoga pose, you have to tuck in your cheeks and need to smile while holding the position of a pout.

Fish Face

  • The Technique of Mouthwash – Isn’t it is obvious what you have to do in this pose. If not let me explain. You have to inhale the air and transfer it from one place to another; similar to the way you rinse your mouth with water. This procedure needs to be done for about 25 seconds then repeat it.

Technique of Mouthwash

  • Tongue Locked Pose (Jivha Bandha) – this exercise has several advantages such as chiseled jawline (used for jaw muscles) and to make face tighter. Sit back comfortably and put your tongue tip at the upper wall of your mouth. Then push your tongue against the wall until you can feel the stretch in your neck

Tongue Locked Pose (Jivha Bandha)

  1. Do Aerobic (Cardio) Exercise Daily

Excess fat in the body is the main reason for face fat, therefore losing weight through exercise could result in the fat burn from the face and body. The most effective way to lose weight is through cardio exercise because this type of physical activity increases your metabolism; hence it improves the efficiency of respiration.

Studies have been done to compare the effectiveness of aerobic and weight loss. That showed people with cardio exercise are more likely to burn more fat than they normally do. Some examples of cardio exercises are; walking, running, biking and swimming.

Do Aerobic (Cardio) Exercise Daily

  1. Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Water plays a main role in your health and especially if you want to burn fat from your face. Many studies have revealed that drinking water makes you stay full and enhance your chances to lose weight. For instance, if you drink water you decrease your intake of calories by approximately 13%. So Drink Lots of Water and reduce fluid retention.

Stay Hydrated throughout the day

  1. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Drinking 1 small glass of alcohol is fine, but when you drink a lot then it can contribute to the facial fat increase. This could be because alcohol has fewer nutrients; hence it can cause bloating in the body. Nevertheless, controlling the consumption of alcohol is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of weight gain.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake
A glass of whisky in a prohibition sign

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