Very Important Tips To Lose Belly Fat Quickly Ultimate Guide

Do you struggle to fit into your clothes? Are you planning to attend a function and stress about your belly? If YES then I am here to help you out.

The common problem behind the most disease is belly fat such as type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and many more. All of the health organizations use BMI (Body Mass Index) to classify weight category and the risk of metabolic disease. This is a completely wrong way to measure the risk of disease. Instead, you can use waist to hip ratio, as excess belly fat can destroy you and your health.

Here some very vital advice to burn belly fat:

1. Carry Out Cardio/Aerobic Exercise Everyday

Start your exercise with warm-up and then begin your actual exercise.

Warn Up:

A. High Knee Twists – Stand straight at a position with your both hands facing up straight. Then lift your right knee with your arms down then repeat it with your left leg. Do this 12 times.

High Knee Twists

B. Side Bends – Stand with your legs as wide as your hip with your hands at the side of your hip. Begin by bending sideways to your right-hand side until you feel the stretch. Then bend to your left-hand side.

Side Bends

Proper Workout:

C. Bridge – lay on the floor with your hands straight on the ground, your knees bent and there is a distance between your hip and feet. By using your all strength of your feet and your glutes to help lift you.


D. Toe Tap Leg Lifts – Lay down on the floor with both your hands 90℃ apart from your body, making the shape of T. Lift your left leg straight and your right arm to reach the toes of your feet. Then return to the resting position to repeat it with your right leg and left arm. Carry this out 15 times with each leg.

Toe Tap Leg Lifts

E. Reverse Crunches – Lay down with your knee facing upwards, apart from your body. Make your hands relax beneath your hips. Bend your knees to face your head and draw them slightly upward at the end of the movement.

Reverse Crunches

F. Split Jumps – Stand up straight with your legs 3 feet apart, in front of each other. Your arms should face up with hands folded. Now bend your both knees facing each other. Return to the start position to switch legs and repeat the process.

Split Jumps

2. Include Lots of Soluble Fibre in Routine

When you eat soluble fiber then it forms a gel with water to help slow down the digestion of food to the gut. This will make you stay full for a long period; hence you eat less and consume fewer calories. Therefore, it helps fight the belly fat. Studies showed an effective result of eating soluble fiber for burning belly fat. For example, an increase of 15-gram fiber in routine could cause approximately 4% belly fat reduction over 5 years.

Include lots of Soluble Fibre in routine

Examples of Fiber Include:

  • Oats and oat bran 11%
  • Rice bran 13%
  • Dried beans 12.2%
  • Barley 17.3%
  • Citrus fruits 2.5-3.1%
  • Apples 17%
  • Strawberries 2%
  • Peas 24.7%
  • Potatoes 2%
  • Wheat bran 44.8%
  • Whole grain 18.3%
  • Cereals 15%
  • Seeds 9-39%
  • The skin of many fruits and vegetable 31%

3. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol has very little nutrition and drinking too much alcohol will make you full quickly, however you will not get all of the nutrients you need daily. Therefore, you will get central obesity which means excess fat being stored around the waist. Alcohol also helps reduce belly fat if less is consumed such as 1/2 glass per day. Studies have shown that people who drank less than one glass had less belly fat compared to those who had consumed alcohol more than average.

Avoid drinking alcohol

4. Have Less Stress

You can gain belly fat if you stress too much. This is because stress triggers your adrenal glands that cause cortisol hormone to be released. Excessive release of cortisol can increase your appetite level, so you get abdominal fat being stored. Studies are done to compare belly fat with stress and it illustrated that ladies with large waists are likely to produce more cortisol when stressed, so more fat is stored in the middle of your waist.

To avoid stress you can get involved in activities such as yoga, meditation and play games that make you feel relaxed.

Have less stress

5. Increase Protein Level in Your Food

To manage your health and have all of your nutrition, protein plays an imperative role. As rich-protein food help maintain your weight levels and makes you feel full, decreasing calorie intake. Your appetite is also lowered when the hormone PYY is released. Eating protein can increase your metabolic rate and allows you to gain back your muscle mass during weight loss.

Increase Protein Level in Your Food

Meals That Are Rich in Protein Are:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Chicken Breast
  • Salmon
  • Greek yogurt
  • Almonds
  • White beans
  • Paneer

6. Reduce Sugary Foods and Drinks

Reduce Sugary Foods and Drinks

High level of fructose, a type of sugar can lead to many health problems such as heart attack, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, fatty liver, and high blood pressure. Not just refined sugar but also healthier sugar like pure honey could lead to abdominal fat; hence have less sugar in your routine.

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