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How To Restore Deleted Contact From Gmail Account

For any electronic data stored on any device or website, accidental deletion can occur at any time. And its restoration and retrieval are urgent, mandatory and crucial. Almost every service of storing data manages and preserves the restoration of it in case of accidental deletion.

Google or Gmail contacts are one of the services which retain this facility. If you have synced your contacts with google contacts and later on you miss your contacts or accidentally delete them all or some of them then there is no need to worry about it, you can easily and readily restore them in a while without any adversity, complication or hazard.

Google company was launched in 1998 and now it is a tremendous and enormous search engine and the biggest advertising company in the world. It was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of Stanford University in California. Soon this search engine proved to be a successful and expanding one.

Nowadays, there is no adversary or challenger of it. It’s ruling the search engines and is one of the colossal and considerable company. One of the best services of Google is Google contacts. After syncing your mobile phone contacts with google contacts you can access them anywhere in the world on any device without any question or hurdle. In case of accidental or intentional deletion of it you can restore the data by following these simple and smooth steps:

Steps: How To Restore Deleted Contacts From Gmail Account

Step1. Open this URL in your browser. One can also go to this page by logging in his/her Gmail account>drop down menu >contacts.

Step 2. Google contacts page will be opened where you can select restore contacts option. If there is no tab of it then you can choose more wherein expanded window you will see restore contacts/undo option.

Step 3. In the pop-up window, you will be asked to choose the timeframe in between 30 days. You can select an option and click the confirm button to restore contacts.

You can easily understand this process by this screenshot.


Steps: How To  Export Contacts From Gmail Account to CSV File


Step 1. Login to your Gmail/go to

Step 2. Click Export from the left side menu from the menu given on the upper left side. Through this option, you will be sent to the google contacts older version.

Step 3. below the ‘More’ tab given on top, scroll down and select export

Step 4. Choose between the desired contacts and export file format. You can choose CSV export format if you intend to import this file to another Gmail account.

Step 5. Click Export

Step 6. Choose the location where you want your file to be saved.

You can easily understand this process by this screenshot.

Steps: How To Import Contacts From CSV File To Your Gmail Account.


Step 1. Sign in to your Gmail account/go to

Step 2. Click on Import from the left sidebar menu

Step 3. A new window will be opened through which you can select the file in your desired location.

Step 4. Select the CSV file and click Open

Step 5. Click Import

Step 6. All contacts will now be imported to the Google Contacts


Only the contacts deleted from your Google account in the time period of 30 days can only be restored.

I hope that this method surely will work for you and would be able to solve your problem. In case of any inconvenience, feel free to contact us through the contact tab.


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