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How To Resize An Image Without Photoshop

How To Resize An Image Without Photoshop

There are several methods and softwares for resizing images. Here I will guide you through all the online and offline software /applications and will guide you through the complete process of how to resize the images without Photoshop.

Although the history of sculpture and paintings is very long, yet the modern form of images we are using these days was invented, or you can say the first step towards this discovery, in 1829 by Nicéphore Niépce and Daguerre. They worked in this field for 4 years and produced images with the longest exposure of 30 minutes.

Later on, several scientists worked on these big names are Hippolyte Bayard, William Henry Fox Talbot, John Herschell, Hippolyte Fizeau, Abel Niépce de Saint-Victor, Richard Maddox and Charles Bennet. They worked day and night and revolutionized the photography but still, colors were missing and the last and final touch was given by Louis Ducos du Hauron in 1969 by producing the color photographs.

With the invention of computers, like other fields of life, photography is also converted to a special field of science. Thousands of applications have been created to improve, boost, upgrade, strengthen and uptrend the photography. One one of them in photoshop.

Photoshop was developed by two brothers Thomas and Johon Knoll in 1987. They sold it to Adobe Systems in 1988. Photoshop 1.0 was launched on February 19, 1990.

Photoshop is thought to be one of the most advantageous, appropriate, convenient, handy and practical application for photos/images editing. Its file formats, plugins, tools like cropping, slicing, moving, marquee, lasso, magic wand, and eraser are magnificent and marvelous.

But some times for beginners, newcomers and novice users it could be a hard job to use photoshop because it is an advanced level application, complicated meanwhile paid software. Other than this some users find it inconvenient to run this software only for the sake of cropping or resizing an image. They want some convenient and easy method to resize their images for different social media sites/professional use.

That’s the reason we have decided to impart you with all other methods of resizing images without the use of photoshop.

How To Resize Images With MS Paint.

Right click on the image and select open with Paint.

  • A Paint window will be opened in home tab click on resize tab another window will be opened like this.

Here you will see two options one for percentage resize in which you can change the size vertically or horizontally by putting the desired values in the given tabs.

  • The second tab is for pixels, if you want to increase or decrease the image size by pixels then check this circle as shown below.

In this window, you can increase the pixels by putting the desired values of pixels in the given tabs under the pixels tab.

How to Resize Images With Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft office picture manager is the built in software for pictures editing it comes with the MICROSOFT OFFICE package. Resizing or cropping with this is very simple like paint.

Right click on the image you want to resize and select open with >Microsoft picture manager. A window like this will be opened.

A window will be opened like this. Go to picture>resize.


A new window will be opened like this with predefined sizes. You can choose whatever size you want and hit ok.

If you want to resize the image with your own custom size then select custom width and height. As shown in the picture below.

In the last, if you want to resize the image with pixels then check the box with a name (percentage of original width X height) and enter the desired values as shown below.

How to Resize Images With WordPress

You may have used WordPress but you may not know that you can even resize the images with WordPress too.

Choose media >Add New >Drag and Drop Your File >Select edit >to crop move your cursor on the image to activate the crop tool.

How To Resize Images With Online Websites

If you don’t want to use any built in or downloaded application then here are the top ranking and easy online websites for resizing the photos and images.

  1. PicResize
  2. ImageResize
  3. WebResizer
  4. LunaPic
  5. InternetMarketingNinjas
  6. Befunky
  7. ReduceImages
  8. Resize-photos
  9. Resizeimage
  10. Simpleimageresizer
  11. Shrinkpictures
  12. Birme
  13. Bulkresizephotos
  14. Resizepiconline
  15. Compressimage.toolur

I personally like bulk resize photos because it supports bulk photos resizing and cropping. Tell me which one you like.

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