Hair Loss Problem- Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Hair Loss ProblemHair loss has become an important and popping issue in today’s world. Nearly every woman, since her younger age and men, mostly above the age of 35 are facing this issue but this is more common in men.

it has many causes and symptoms. It may be due to stress, hormonal ups, and downs, genetic combinations, or because of overmedication. In today’s article, we will be sharing Hair Loss problem- Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention along with the intensity of this issue and a brief discussion.

This article will throw up the light on the most prominent issue of the health sector, hair fall. So if you are one of those victims that are facing this abnormality do not worry anymore because this article will help you in the best way.

Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss in technical terms is known as Baldness, this term refers to the loss of hairs from different parts of the body. Mostly in our society hair loss is specifically related to the hair fall from the head. Or baldness may be considered as less or no more growth of hairs which may lead thinning of hairs.

This is a serious issue which even leas the victim in psychological distress.  There are many factors involved, which cause the loss of hairs we will discuss them one by one But most of the time hair loss is because of tension, stress, genetic issues or hormonal issue. it is a common problem in men and women.

Types of Common Hair Loss Along With Their Causes.

These types are categorized on the basis of gender or other factors that cause hair falling. The medical sector has defined this issue separately in two genders male and females along with different reasoning and prevention as well. the most common types are as follow have a look

  • male-pattern hair loss– It may be caused by the combination of some genetic or male hormones. In this condition, hair either become thin or start to fall off from the crown side or temple side.
  • female-pattern hair loss– Its cause is not figured out yet. It is unclear to describe specifically what causes female pattern hair loss. Many laboratories are working to find out their specific causes. This is the loss of hair from the frontal and parietal side
  • alopecia areata– it is caused by autoimmune, it usually occurs in unusual hair loss areas, like in this condition eyebrows hair start falling, hair loss from the back side of head takes a start, or hair fall from above the ears and respective areas start. It affects mostly those areas which are not affected by the condition male pattern baldness.
  • telogen effluvium– this is the term referring to thinning of the hairs. It may happen when hairs stop growing and it is typically caused by some physical or psychological stress.

Now before going to discuss the specific causes and prevention of hair loss, we will have a look at the signs and symptoms so that we become able to see if we are having this issue or not. So take a look at the below section.

Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss

In different ways you can observe the hair loss, it may start gradually or suddenly completely depending on what is causing it. It may come up in a circular pattern or in patches, maybe your hair starts getting thin and thin day by day, it can start with dandruff and dryness, inflation or scarring, etc. sometimes the hair loss is not permanent but occurs due to environmental changes or other factors. But in any case, you can simply recognize the hair loss issue by considering the volume of hairs left in the brush after brushing or in the sink after having done shampoo in your hairs.

Other important sigs may involve the following;

Thinning of The Hairs on The Top of The Head:

Well, this is the most common sign everyone takes in the notice. In men specifically, a prominent line stretches out giving a shape of letter M and from the forehead, hairs start losing volume and become thin. In most of the cases, hairs become this much thin that the scalp starts to appear clearly. In the female, the condition is different, there is no prominent line but hair start to fall off in a way that clears the frontal area (forehead) and broaden it by losing the all volume from the front and receding at the back

Having Circular Bald Patterns On The Head

It is not specifically observed in the head but in other areas of men like beard and eyebrows. Mostly this condition occurs in men. Many men experience small, round patches of baldness in the hair that give awkward look.

Sudden Loss of Hairs

Stress, tension or shock can lead to sudden hair fall. It may be due to physical inabilities to hold a stressful situation or maybe because of psychological trauma. It may cause patches of hair to fall off suddenly but not lead to complete baldness. it exists for some time on a temporary basis.

Dandruff on The Scalp

A dry and dead covering of dandruff gets observed on the scalp. It damages the scalp which then leads to the hair fall or hair loss. dandruff is considered an infection (in some categories) or bacterial attack which can cause severe hair falling.

Scalp Covered With Scales

This is worm attack whose signs are broken hairs, redness and swelling on the skin, itching at the areas and oozing (sometimes). This is considered that in this situation ringworm makes scales patches on the skin of the head and then damages the scalp.

Cystic Acne

This is the formation of scars or acne growth on the scalp due to hormonal imbalance. It can cause dryness of scalp and thin of hair. In severe conditions, it may lead to hair loss.

Effects of Hair Loss

As described above it is sometimes caused by psychological or physical stress or trauma. But it may lead to the same situation as well, psychological stress or tension. This is a medical illness or abnormality (hereditary) which may affect the peace of mind negatively. If you or your child is having any such issue, or you get to know/ observe any sign, then it is preferred to see a doctor and ask him for advice accordingly.

Causes of The Hair Loss

Researches have found that there are approximately 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on the head out of which nearly 100 hairs fall a day. So to balance this we must consider their causes first so that we can take some step’s to stop the hair loss. Many different factors contribute to hair loss here we are adding most of them so that you can avoid a take precautionary measures. Have a look below.

Male Pattern Baldness- Female Pattern Baldness.

The major cause of baldness is a genetic issue it is coming from fathers and forefathers. This type of baldness comes or emerges out after passing a specified time period of life. At a certain age mostly 45 to 50 or in some cases even earlier, the men start to lose their hair and female’s hair start to become fine and thin.

It is observed that 50% and even more men are getting bald and lying in this category. This baldness or hair loss is mainly caused by genetic or hormonal imbalance. This is specifically related to male sex hormone androgen which helps in hair growth as well.

Like other growth cycles, hairs also have a pattern of a growth cycle, which gradually weaken and cause the shrinking of hairs and produces fine threadlike thin hairs which ended up in hair fall

This male pattern baldness may be inherited, coming from forefathers. So the one which is inherited, o not have any side effects but if it starts because of hormonal or other imbalance then it may cause some more serious situations like cancers, medications and thyroid dysfunctioning.

Though there are not any specific cause discovered behind female pattern baldness it may also be genetic or involve some hormonal factor

Hair Loss in Pregnancy

His is a natural condition every woman face, but if not take properly, it may damage your hair growth or start the hair fall. This is because in this condition many hormonal changes occur within the body of females without causing complete baldness. The menstruation cycle stops and menopause occurs other than this in pregnancy time the amount of estrogen began to increase. During the 9 months of childbirth, the hair becomes thick as estrogen contributes in hair growth but right after 3 to 4 months of childbirth when estrogen level began to fall it stops the hair growth and hairs start to fall off.

Drugs- Supplements and Medications

On having research we just come up with the point that problems are creating more problems and the cycle of global issues is going on. Well, drug addiction or overmedication has adverse effects on hair growth. So if you are going through it, stop taking it.

But, it is not just because of addiction or overdose, there are some diseases whose cures are such painful that it sucks all the energy from the body and effects the growth of hairs along with different parts of the body. Like medicines used in the treatment of cancer, thyroid glands, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, heart problem, depression, stress, high blood pressure, and gout.

The treatment used to cure mycotic infection begins major hair loss other than this in females, birth control pills play the main role in stopping hair growth, leading hair fall.

Some Infections

Some infections which cause hair loss are as follow

  • Fungal infection
  • Dandruff
  • Addison’s disease
  • Scleroderma
  • Incontinentia Pigmenti Achromians
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Dissecting cellulitis
  • Folliculitis
  • Secondary syphilis
  • Demodex folliculorum – which is a microscopic mite that feeds on the sebum produced by the sebaceous gland

Stress- Trauma- Continuous Fatigue

Hair loss which is caused by some stressing situation is not permanent but its intensity can be higher and stronger. Those who passed from some trauma or emotionally unstable situation are likely to have thinner hairs or hair loss.

Salons Treatment

To make the hairs smooth and shiny or colored many treatments have been introduced that are followed by applying certain chemicals. This is in fashion and fashion is the tren but no one is well aware of the side effects of streaking cut down, rebounding and other trends chemical treatments. Such treatments lower hair growth and make the hairs thin and fine.

Other than chemical treatments, excessive styling and hairdressing may also cause weakness of hairs due to pulling of hairs tightly.  Do not catch ypur hairs so tightly because it weakens the roots.

A most common type of hair loss Traction Alopecia is found in people who used to have a ponytail, tightly bound, and cornrows.

Another important form of hair loss, Frictional Alopecia is caused by rubbing the surface of the head, scalp, with follicles.

Trichotillomania is a hair loss type that is caused by excessive styling, and hairdressing which bends the hairs.

Risk Factors involved in Hair Loss

There are many risk factors involved, that can increase the hair fall:

  • Some diseases like diabetes, heart attack, and cancer
  • Family or hereditary
  • Age
  • Stress
  • Environmental changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Drugs
  • Weight loss

Prevention from Hair Loss

It is so important to see the doctor or take precautionary measures to avoid or prevent hair loss. We are giving you tips hair which will definitely help you out in preventing Hair loss. But remember one thing, he baldness or air fall which is caused by genetic reasons is not preventable but in rest of the situations we can prevent it. Jave a look at the given tips

  • Do not grip the hairs tightly with bands, buns, and ponytails
  • Do not do excessive styling
  • Do not apply chemicals on the hairs, completely avoid chemical application on scalp
  • Treat your hairs gently when brushing and washing
  • Do not brush in the wet hairs
  • Use the clear and clean comb or brush, before using the brush make it sure that it does not have sharp edges which damage the scalp
  • Avoid over medications and supplements like steroids etc.
  • Keep great care of your hairs in pregnancy period
  • Make clear protection of your hairs from harsh sunlight and other radiations
  • Do not expose your hairs to too much heat
  • Do not apply excessive straightening and blow dry
  • Avoid stress and tension
  • If you have been through chemotherapy or other such medical treatment then ask your doctor for a cooling cap.
  • Quit smoking. Researches have proved a clear relationship between smoking and baldness in men

So this was about Hair loss, its reasons, causes, and preventions. We hope that this article will be helpful for you and you have got enough idea about it. Share your problem with us and write to us in the below comments section. We will catch you soon. We are serving you with knowledgeable content, for more informative content visit our site and share our page with your friends and family. Stay connected with us and stay updated.

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