How To Gain Leg Muscle In Gym And Home Complete Workout Guide

Every day, you need to climb up the stairs once or more. This is tiring and stressful. Hence, you look for strategies that can help your leg muscles to stay healthy and active. Building leg muscles is very difficult because they are already very stronger, particularly your thighs, as you have too much mass. You can loss lots of calories by building your leg muscles with resistance training. Workout can be done either at home or gym. SO ARE YOU READY FOR WORKOUT?

Exercise At home For Leg Muscles

It is not necessary to go to the gym and lift heavy weights to do a good workout. The most vital thing for a workout is the right set of exercise. With the help of dumbbells or workout substitute, you can face challenges more easily. Exercises that you can do at home are:


  1. Stand up with your feet wider than your hip width and your toes should face front.
  2. Drive back your hip; bend your knees and ankles and toes slightly on the floor.
  3. Make sure to keep your shoulders back and chest up.


Step For Lunge:

  1. The upper part of your body needs to be kept straight, with your shoulders relaxed back and your chin needs to face forward.
  2. Step forward with one leg and bend down your hip, until your knees are 90 degree angle.

STEPs For Lunge


  1. Drop down your hip as low as possible.
  2. Straight your one leg forward.
  3. Then return to your position and straight your other leg.


STEPS For Donkey KICK:

  1. Put your Both hands and knees down on the ground, your hands placed underneath your shoulders and knees facing your hips.
  2. Maintain your left knee at 90 degree angle and bend your foot as you lift knee until it is the same level as your hip.
  3. Then lower your knee back, without touching the floor and repeat the lift.
  4. Switch your legs to repeat the steps.


Exercise At the GYM

Sometimes an extra boost up is required to fulfill your needs, which cannot be done at home. Considering this in mind, you will be introduced to diverse exercises that are carried out in the gym. SO KEEP READING!

Barbell Squat

  1. Put the barbell at the top of the traps with your head staring straight and your chest should be up. Furthermore, your feet need to be a bit wider and are required to face forward.
  2. Bend your knees down, moving your hip as back as possible. This will move the knee forward, staying align with the feet. Your aim is to maintain the torso upright.
  3. Then move back up and repeat the steps again.

Barbell Squat

Dumbbell Lunges

  1. Hold two dumbbells, one in each hand and stand straight facing forward.
  2. Take a step forward with your left leg and keep the right leg stationary. Lower your left leg down and maintain your torso upright with balance. Make sure the knee should not go beyond your toes as it will put stress on your knee joint.
  3. Then use your foot heel to go back up and repeat the process with your right leg.

Dumbbell Lunges


Leg Press

  1. Set your seat with appropriate weight so that your knee bends to the right angle
  2. Sit on the leg pressing machine and place your feet about shoulder width apart.
  3. By keeping your knee lined over the toes, push up through your heels until your legs are extended nearly straight.

Leg Press


Lying Leg Curls

  1. Adjust your machine to your height. Then lie on the lying curl machine facing downward.
  2. Make sure to keep your torso flat on the bench and your legs should be extended completely. Take the side handles using your hands.
  3. Exhale and curl your leg as far as you can, however, don’t remove your leg from the pads. Once you have extended your legs, hold the position for some seconds.
  4. When you inhale, bring your leg back and repeat the steps.

Lying Leg Curls


Ways to Strengthen Weak Leg Muscles

Your legs play a main role in your daily life as they carry your entire body. We get tired when we work for longer, but still, you ignore and keep working. This can cause your muscles to get weaker and painful. Furthermore, excessive exercise can give rise to pain and joint problems, which drain strength out of your legs. Signs of weak legs, its causes are stated below:

Symptoms of Weak Muscle Legs

  • You will feel tired when doing long-lasting activities.
  • Will experience numbness in the lower leg muscle and on the foot.
  • Body aches are more often
  • An exercise that is excessive can cause swelling.
  • Cramps on your legs.
  • Muscle coordination is lost, resulting in regular falling.

Causes of Weak Legs

  • Not having enough sleep is the common cause of muscle functioning not properly. Your muscles are mostly active when you are awake; hence a proper sleep is required for your muscles to function the next day.
  • Doing excessive exercise can have really bad outcome such as soreness is felt on leg muscles, it is easy to fracture your knee or other parts of your body when doing over physical exercise.



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