How To Fix Samsung Home Button

Samsung Home Button On The Screen

If the home button on your Samsung device is broken or you don’t want to use it off and on to avoid scratches on it then there are several apps that can be used to gain digital home button or you can also replace a broken home button with these apps. These apps are good and convenient and can be easily and readily downloaded from the play store. The list of these apps is given below:

  1. Navigation Bar
  2. Home Button
  3. Multi-Action Home Button
  4. Easy Touch
  5. Button Savior

How To Fix Samsung Home Button With Factory Data Reset

Although android cell phones are very easy and convenient to use but still there may occur some problems while using the. If you are doing some important work on your mobile and there it causes any problem, you may get worried about it. The problem worsens if there is no repairing shop near your locality.

Here, I will discuss with you a problem which sometimes occurs in Samsung devices that their home button fails to work properly. You all know that home button is an important thing in a mobile phone. You can’t use your mobile without a home button. Now, I will explain to you how you can fix this problem with your Samsung mobile phone. There are two simple methods for solving this problem. You can easily set it by following these two methods, First one is best method and I hope that your problem will be solved. If not, then try to test the 2nd method.

How To Fix Samsung Home Button With Factory Data Reset METHOD 1:

1.   Please go to your phone settings tab.

2.   Tap (Backup/Reset)

3.   Now you tap on ‘factory data reset’.

4.   Please meet at’ reset phone’.

5.  If you have made any lock at your mobile screen you will have to put your password/ pin or any pattern which you have drawn for your safety.

6.   Then tap ‘everything erase’. It will erase all your internal data.

If you have done all steps then you may select the option of ‘reboot your phone’.

If your problem is solved please enjoy and if not then follow the next method.

How To Fix Samsung Home Button By Wiping Caches Method No 2:

Reset your Android Phone in Recovery Mode / Wipe Cache Partition:

1.     Please switch off your mobile phone.

2.     Now, press and hold mobile’s volume down button +power button till your mobile is switched on.

3.     You will see the Android System Recovery Screen on a mobile screen.

4.     Now press volume down button till there you see the recovery mode. Then press the power button to start recovery mode.

5.     You will see a sign of red exclamation on your mobile’s screen.

6.     You search Wipe Cache Partition.

7.     Press the power button to select this.

8.     There will show a message of ‘do you want to Wipe cache?

9.     Now press the power button.

10.    Press the volume button to the Reboot system now.

I think you are drawn back from your problems, if so then enjoy this.

Samsung Home Button Settings

There are many mobiles which have a physical button system and with the invention of new mobiles, there is a home button on the screen of the mobile phone. You can use it simply pressing the screen home button. If there is any problem with you to unlock your phone or home button is most sensitive, I explain briefly that how can you adjust it.


There are no longer showed or hidden options available with Pie OS.

Adjust Button Sensitivity:

Please make sure not to switch on your mobile by a fluke. It should rest heavy time for the activation of the Home button.

Please tap the display from settings. Strike and tap Navigation Bar and then press harder to the home button. You can set it from lighter to higher. It depends upon your choice of the sensitivity.

Note: It Is Not Available on All Models.

Use The Fingerprint Reader:

We feel boring to unlock our mobile by pressing a button again and again. Please try to use a fingerprint reader. We have to touch your finger on the scanner. From mobile Settings, swipe to and tap the Lock screen and then tap Screen lock type. Tap Fingerprints and then follow the on-screen prompts to use our fingerprint to unlock your phone. Home button pressing is not required.

Note: This is not available on all models.

Turn On Assistant Menu:

It is made for distinct motor control/many other problems. Using it, we can entrance physical buttons and all other components of the screen simply tapping and striking. Open Settings, tap Accessibility. Tap Interaction and dexterity and then tap the Assistant menu. Tap the switch to turn on. A temporary icon will show at the bottom right part of the screen.

Tap and hold the icon to move it around the screen. Tap this temporary icon to get the Assistant menu; you can open the Home or Recent application screens, go back to last seen screen, adjust the volume, switch off your phone, and much more. At last, tap the screen anywhere outside of the menu to compress it.

I have tried my best to provide you the solution for the question “how to fix Samsung home button”. I hope your problem would have been solved. If not then you can contact your service provider or a phone repairing lab near you. If you have question/queries regarding the above mentioned methods to fix home button issue, you can contact us by commenting in the comment box below or feel free to email us.




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