How To Clear Cookies On Mac? In All Browsers: Safari, Chrome & Firefox

While surfing on any web browser, all the details of sites visited by you, your shopping carts, personal info, login credentials, your interests & preferences even each and every single link clicked by you visited is stored in form of cookies(non edible miniature files stored on computer, laptop or mobile phone) by the browser. They are made to store particular information repeated or already answered or filled by you.

Next time, when you visit the websites, already visited by you, then you are facilitated, aided and simplified by auto-filling the required forms, login credentials or payment methods. These cookies also help the websites/browsers to determine the fabricated, fake, malicious or spamming attacks to them. Meanwhile, there is always a risk of information leakage, hijacking or robbing due to the data stored in browser history by malicious attacks on them.

As the browsers are vulnerable and can be attacked easily and readily for information diverting therefore there is always a need for cookies clearing or deleting or stopping the browsers to store them. Due to the theft threats, almost every browser makes the cookies clearing or deleting simple and easy.

Uses Of Clearing Cookies

  • Browsers problems, bugs or issues can be fixed by clearing the cookies.
  • Your information/privacy can be protected.
  • Altering, improving or revising the stored information being auto-filled by the cookies.
  • Forcing browsers/websites to access them when they have considered you as spam or DDOS Attacker due to misunderstanding.
  • Helping the browser to perform efficiently by lowering its burden.

Here in this article, I will guide you through the procedure of how to clear cookies on Mac? In all browsers: Safari, Chrome & Mozilla.

How To Clear Cookies On Google Chrome

Google company was launched in 1998 and now it is a tremendous and enormous search engine and the biggest advertising company in the world. It was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students of Stanford University in California. Soon this search engine proved to be a successful and expanding one. This popular search engine introduced the google chrome browser which one of the top-rated browsers. It also gives the options for deleting/clearing cookies or cached files. Follow these simple steps:

How To Clear Cookies On Google Chrome Method 1:

Step.1 Open the browser and go to History>Show Full History or you can run this command(Command+Y)

Step. 2: On the left sidebar, choose “Clear Browsing Data”.

Step 3: From the pop-up window, choose the time scale to delete from one hour, one week or your desired custom timeframe. You can choose between removing cookies or files or everything.

Step.4 click OK and you will be shown the following message “Your Data Has Been Cleared”.

these steps are explained well in the screenshots given below, follow them


How To Clear Cookies On Google Chrome Method 2:

Step.1 Open the browser and go to History>Show Full History or you can run this command (Command+Y)

Step.2 you will be presented with all the websites you have visited and you can choose which of them/all of them to be deleted by checking the boxes given with them.

How To Remove Cookies From Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another popular web browser used by people. In this browser clearing or deleting cookies is also very effortless. Follow the steps given below.

How To Remove Cookies From Mozilla Firefox Method 1:

Step.1: Open Firefox. Go to the menu bar placed at the top of the page, select History > Clear Recent History.

Step.2: Choose a timeframe to clear, as well as what type of items you would like to clear like cookies, cache files or other files. Hit Ok

A  pop-up window will be opened with the following message “Success! All History/Data For The Selected Range Has Been Removed.”

How To Remove Cookies From Mozilla Firefox Method 2:

Step.1: Open Firefox, and choose History > Show Full History in the menu bar along the top of the screen.

Step.2: from the given entries you can choose the entries by selecting them to delete or run the Command +Select.

Step.3: Right-click, then choose “Forget About

this Site”, or press the Delete Key.

How To Remove Cookies From Apple Safari

There are two ways to delete cookies on Safari browser

  • One: By Entries
  • Two: By Timeframe

How To Remove Cookies From Apple Safari Method 1:

Step 1: Open Safari. In the menu bar along the top of your screen, choose History > Clear History.

Step 2: In the pop-up window choose between these options:

  • The Last Hour
  • Today
  • Today and Yesterday
  • All History

A window with this message will be opened “Success! Your Browser History Has Been Removed and Your Cache Has Been Cleared.”

How To Remove Cookies From Apple Safari Method 2:    

Step 1: Open Safari. In the menu bar along the top of your screen, choose History> Show All History.

Step 2: Complete history will be shown from which you can delete all the history or one by one entry by selecting them.

Step 3: Press the Delete Key on your keyboard. All selected entries will be removed.


If you don’t want the browsers whether chrome, Firefox or Safari to store cookies then you can choose the private browsing or incognito options with which you will browse through the internet privately and none of your data including login credentials, auto-fill forms, your favorite sites or caches will be stored and remembered by the browsers and nothing will be shifted to your computer in the file linked to the browser you are using(Cookies, cache).

I am ending with this hope that I have solved your issue. If you have any quarries about the topic or any issue regarding this particular issue you can feel free to contact us.


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